Bob WhitingDesigner

    Bob began his career as a real estate agent in the residential markets. Wanting to get closer to the customer, Bob moved into the homebuilding business where he managed the financials, budgets and contractors for a local custom home builder. He managed the construction of over 50 custom homes.
    In 1994 Bob obtained his independent insurance adjusters license and specialized in catastrophe and structural damage claims. He spent several months in Los Angeles after the North Ridge Earthquake and in the Dallas – Ft. Worth after a major hailstorm.
    He returned to Charlotte as Vice president of a local home building company building where he was involved in the construction of over 150 homes and town homes, and renovating over 50 properties. He became president of the company and purchased the company before leaving to join Caromark LLC as the Managing member.
    Bob is the qualifier for Caromark’s unlimited general contractors license. He is a Graduate of the North Carolina Homebuilders.

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