Where is the company located and how long has it been in business?

Be aware of a company with only a PO address, this may indicate a company not located in your area and may not be there later if you have a problem. A local company that has been around for more than a couple of years will give you peace of mind. The longer in business, the better referrals should be as well.

Does the company have insurance?

A contractor should carry comprehensive liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you in the event of an accident. This can be verified by requiring to see the contractor’s certificates of insurance (workers’ compensation and general liability). Make sure the insurance is current and will be in force for the length of the project. Be aware that if a worker is injured on your property, the homeowner or business owner may be held liable for all costs unless the employee is covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Hospital bills for serious accidents can be extraordinarily expensive. Contractors who carry insurance and follow safety guidelines on fall prevention endure higher job overhead costs. These expensed could be the cause of price variations between contractors who follow the standards versus those who ignore them. Contractors and Roofers that do not carry insurance or the correct type of insurance may be cheaper to hire as they do not have the large insurance premiums to pay. Workers’ compensation premiums can increase wage costs from about 20% to as much as 100%, depending on the state.

There are many reasons a contractor might skimp on full insurance such as

May not be a full time contractor Operates a partnership or self-employed without employees New in the business Can’t afford insurance premiums Doesn’t stand behind work It is up to you as a customer to determine if it is worth the risk to hire a contractor who does not carry insurance.

Is the company a Licensed Contractor?

When you ask this question, what you are in effect, asking is if the company is licensed by your state. Caromark is a Licensed General Contractor. Much effort and continuing education is required to acquire and maintain a GC license. We are not talking about a ‘business license’ which is a tax requirement and not relevant to the competence of the contractor. Having the right credentials including a General Contractor license is yet another indicator of the high degree of knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to the roofing trade.


Will the company provide referrals, testimonials or references?

Caromark is proud to provide former customers to give you the confidence of a professional and honest project. We want each of our valued customers to be Delighted Fans.

What is the company’s workmanship warranty and what does the company do about customer complaints?

At Caromark, you will be pleased that we offer a one-year limited workmanship warranty. As for customer complaints, we make a point to not let the sun set on a complaint. We know we may have complaints over the life of a business, we make it our business to remedy any problems and satisfy the customer.

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What Clients Say About Us

  • Dear Caromark, Awoke one morning to find sewage line had clogged and flooded first floor. I called Caromark and in less than one hour a plumber and restoration company were at my house. All the flooring, on the first floor, was removed and later replaced. My wife and I now have a beautifully new first floor to our home. We could not be happier. Every person that we dealt with, during the entire event, was professional and very personable. If ever our home needs repair, remodel or anything, Caromark will be our first and only call. Thank you Caromark. You are the best! Thanks, Michael York

    Michael York
  • After incurring hail damage, like most consumers,we too had estimates from two other roofing specialists regarding the replacement of our roof. When we entrusted our home to a contractor,we wanted honest answers, professional expertise,and a company familiar with the insurance claim process. The Caromark team took a genuine interest in our roof replacement,suggested a number of alternatives,and did a professional replacement in a timely manner. There was regular communication throughout the time from selection of our roof to the actual replacement. Their team ensured that we were completely satisfied before funds were released. We are most confident that our roof was replaced and done more professionally and with higher standards than our original roof. We recommend Caromark. M Schaut

    M Schaut
  • Dear Caromark, I am writing this letter as a sincere recommendation for CAROMARK EXTERIORS. Their Mr. Bob Whiting worked directly with me and he couldn't have been more helpful and cooperative in making sure that everything was done to my satisfaction. He and his office staff kept me informed of each step along the way. After the new roof was installed they took care of arranging for the repairs to the inside damage caused by water leakage and I'm very happy with my new ceiling and newly painted walls. When they work was all completed Bob Whiting even came on his Saturday afternoon and re-hung all of the paintings on my living room-family room walls! If you are unfortunate enough to need roof repairs or replacement โ€“ try them โ€“ you'll like them. Sincerely, Anne Boney

    Anne Boney
  • Dear Caromark Exteriors, We recently had our roof replaced by Caromark Exteriors. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. The owner, Bob Whiting, is extremely professional and delivers what he promises. He made certain that everything was absolutely perfect. The experience was a very good one and left us worry free with a beautiful new roof. Thanks, Ben and Priscilla Richardson

    Ben and Priscilla Richardson
  • Dear Caromark, I just wanted to send a note and tell you how pleased I am with my new roof. I was glad to find a local business with such a good record and am so glad I chose you. Even my insurance adjustor was impressed with how well Bob knew the business. My new roof is beautiful but I was also so very pleased with your roofing staff โ€“ there was no trash, nails, etc left on the property and they were very careful that no debris fell on my bushes and flowers. Thanks for making this an excellent experience. Thanks, L. Doan

    L. Doan
  • Dear Caromark, I just wanted to tell you how good the roofs look. It is looking like an entirely different (better) community. I am so glad that you showed us and we chose the 30 year architectural CertainTeed shingles. The shingles are beautiful and they have a certain "attitude" of making the community look a little more upscale. I also want to compliment you on your crew. They are very hard working and though they have to make a certain level of noise they are very unobtrusive as they are going about their work. They work and are continually cleaning up behind themselves so there is never a real mess anywhere. And you always just see them working and I've yet to see them stop and joke around and just take it easy. They are also very courteous and considerate of the residents of the community. And having them clean up every night before they leave is a big plus. You couldn't ask for a better crew. Give them a big thanks for the great job they are doing. Thank you for your excellent work and product. I'm sure that since you are a general contractor we will have more projects down the line that will need to be done and your company will be at the top of our list to call on to do the work. Regards, Rita Woods

    Rita Woods
  • When the Board at Roxborough realized we would need to replace roofs on all 28 buildings in the community due to hail damage, we asked three roofing contractors to meet with us and give their presentations. While the other two contractors would probably have done a good job, we chose Caromark because we believed your company would do an excellent job. When it was time to draft a contract, you went above and beyond in working to provide the product our community needed. Additional items that were not covered by insurance needed to be done, and you worked with us on pricing so that we were able to have everything that the community will need for at least the next 20 years. The 30 year architectural shingles, as well as other aesthetic improvements, have made a huge difference in the way our community looks. We have received compliments from several people who don't even live here, but visit often, on what an improvement Caromark's roofing has made. Obviously I could go on and on, because the Board is so pleased to have worked with a company that provided such excellent customer relations and quality of product and workmanship. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Cathy Lee

    Cathy Lee
  • Hi again Sam! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am soooo excited! My roof looks awesome! It's changed the whole look of my house!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it! And I feel so good about getting this done on this house, which I look at as an investment for the girls and I to be better off in the future! I've already had several people comment on how good it looks! I know you all put a sign in front of my parents' house - did you want to put one out here too to advertise? Also, the guys working out here couldn't have been more considerate and could not have done a better job. I can't remember if I told you that I'm a Spanish teacher, so I spoke with them quite a bit. They were so kind to me and to the girls - they even helped get the ice cream truck to stop when the driver didn't see one of the girls trying to wave him down! They put everything back and cleaned everything up spic and span! They were just great! Thanks again! We'll be in touch this week! ๐Ÿ™‚ Katie

  • Thank you for the fine job that your company and you did on my home. Also, thanks for the respect and professionalism that was shown in taking care of the property, and the quality of work performed. Now that the job is complete and I have inspected it I will send you a check which should be in the mail early next week. I would recommend Caromark to anyone. Thank you again! Merry Christmas, Bob Shaw

    Bob Shaw
  • I want to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on Caromark Building Group, and to talk about my long history with the team of folks that own and operate this firm. Recently, our family decided to sell our home of 22 years. This was and is quite an emotional decision for us, and when we decided to do some pretty extensive updating on an expedited basis there was really only one company that we seriously considered working with. With work encompassing window replacement, complete kitchen remodeling and all downstairs flooring replacement โ€“ all under an extremely strict timeline โ€“ the project coordination required was quite complicated. No other vendors provided the single-stop project management required, and quite frankly the quotes from others did not contain near the detail I required to be comfortable with their understanding of my requirements. The only bidder who provided the complete requested service was Caromark, so we placed our complete project in their hands. As an engineer, I can be quite the picky and questioning client. All of these folks were a text or phone call away, and I received immediate responses to everything I needed, every time. All repairs were completed on time or ahead of plan, and on budget. Iโ€™ve personally known the management team for over 30 years, and have known the owner of the company for more than 40 years. This same team did the original design & construction of my current home in 1994. Their help and guidance on this last project did nothing but add to the already high opinion I had of them. If you need something done correctly, with the highest degree of quality โ€“ give Caromark the call.

    J. Hall BSME, MBA
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